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The Waterdown Fire Area was a fire department that covered the village of Waterdown, Ontario, as well as the adjoining townships of East and West Flamborough. In 1974, these municipalities were amalgamated with the adjoining Township of Beverly, and the fire area became part of the Flamborough Fire Department.

Fire Stations[]

Station Address In Service Notes
Fire Station Main Street South & Barton Street, Waterdown ????-1974 (amalgamation) Became Flamborough Fire Station 1. Closed in 1992, now a dentist's office.
Fire Station 1801 Brock Road, Freelton 1962-1974 (amalgamation) Became Flamborough Fire Station 5. Currently Hamilton Fire Station 28.
Fire Station 361 Old Brock Road, Greensville 1967-1974 (amalgamation) Became Flamborough Fire Station 2. Currently Hamilton Fire Station 25.


1971 GMC Suburban
1966 GMC / Thibault pumper (500/1000) (SN#15702)
1955 pumper (500/500)
1953 pumper (500/350)
1953 pumper (500/350)
1949 GMC / Thibault pumper (425/420)
1944 Seagrave 80-E / Bickle-Seagrave pumper (SN#4541) (Seagrave SN#C-1457) (Ex-Hamilton Fire Department 1944-8/1970)
1942 pumper (625/325)