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I uploaded a Norfolk picture for I thought I added it to my page, but seems I added it to a new page. Sorry.

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I'm very happy to be part of Firefighting Wiki, Forever!!!

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If having the trim level of a vehicle is really such useful knowledge on the wiki then I will stop. Otherwise I don't see why we need to know if a vehicle has a 2 bar colour keyed grilled or a 3 bar chrome grill; cloth, leather or vinyl seats, chrome bumpers, colour keyed bumpers or no factory bumpers at all. If a vehicle has no info on the vehicle colour, type of siren, lights, pump, engine or transmission why is the trim level so very important? A couple of weeks ago I had an admin tell me that I shouldn't include the model number of a truck, whether it was a 6x4 or had a notched roof. I just assumed that if that was not needed, then the trim level of a commercial vehicle was not needed either.  This is the quote of what I was told:

"Fair points. Certainly, providing details of apparatus is not unwelcomed but personally I find that sometimes so much information is added that some less experienced buffs actually get lost or confused in the information provided. I agree that details will help buffs identify the apparatus easier but it also takes some knowledgeable experience in buffing to know what each piece of information means, hence why I have been omitting some minor details in my edits and revisions. In addition to this, too much information can also clutter up the page itself (e.g. Redwood Meadows before references were added). I guess I won't bother too much anymore with the extra details you add but please keep in mind what we have discussed. Thanks"

Trim level adds absolutely nothing to the data on a piece of apparatus, the same as listing what brand of tires it uses would add nothing.

Gus2001 (talk) 00:24, April 27, 2020 (UTC)

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