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There has been some confusion and inconsistency about where to put the internal links to apparatus companies in rosters. I've generally added it to the newest truck - so if there was a 2014 Pierce and a 2017 Pierce, I'd put it on the 2017 and then any newer ones that arrived afterward. However, others have been making it the first example listed, closest to the beginning of an article. So if the 2014 Pierce is at Station 1 and the 2017 at Station 4, the 2014 would have the link to the Pierce article.

Upon reflection, first example makes a lot more sense. It's easier for users to find and likely easier to maintain, especially if it's a long article. It's also standard practice for Wikipedia articles. Please do continue however limit it to one link per article - so in the example, just link that first truck to Pierce instead and not several of them.

Sorry for any confusion caused by my edits. Uzbek (talk) 03:31, June 13, 2020 (UTC)