The Tele-Squrt is an aerial firefighting device developed by the Snorkel Fire Equipment Company.

Following the success of the Snorkel and Squrt, in 1972 Snorkel introduced a telescoping aerial device it called the Tele-Squrt.

Like the Squrt it featured a remotely operated nozzle at the tip, but it also provided a lightweight ladder along the boom. It was available in 50, 65 and 75 foot versions. The new Tele-Squrt offered many of the same advantages of the Squrt, primarily the ability to mount it on a pumper, but the addition of the ladder gave it additional capabilities.

The Tele-Squrt would become Snorkel's best selling product, and other manufacturers were soon offering their own version of the concept.

In 1975 the Tele-Squrt 35 was introduced. While it carried the Tele-Squrt name, it was actually an articulating boom aerial device more closely related to the Squrt.

The Ladder Tower Company acquired Snorkel in 2014 and currently offers the TeleSqurt in 50 and 65 foot versions.

The proper brand spelling is "Squrt" and "Tele-Squrt" without the "i." When LTC acquired the rights to Snorkel's products in 2014, they dropped the dash and changed the spelling to TeleSqurt.

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