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The Squrt is an aerial firefighting device developed by the Snorkel Fire Equipment Company.

With the success of its Snorkel, in 1968 the company introduced a smaller, lighter weight aerial device it named the Squrt. This new device resembled the snorkel, but it eliminated the platform allowing a much lighter boom to be used. It was intended to provide a maneuverable elevated master stream that could be mounted on a standard pumper.

The Squrt consisted of a 54-foot articulated boom with a remotely operated nozzle at the tip. The base of the turntable only required an area of 18"x28" which allowed it to be mounted in the hose bed of a standard pumper, it could also be retrofitted to an existing vehicle.

In 1975 a smaller version with a 35 foot telescoping boom was introduced. While more closely related to the Squrt than the later Tele-Squrt, it would carry the name Tele-Squrt 35.

The Ladder Tower Company acquired Snorkel in 2014 and currently offers the Squrt in the standard 54 foot length.

The proper brand spelling is "Squrt" without the "i."