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The Spartan Sirius is a custom fire chassis built by Spartan Emergency Response.

History & Specs[]

The Spartan Sirius was introduced in 2004 as an exclusive cab for Smeal Fire Apparatus. The cab was originally built on a Gladiator platform with a redesigned front fascia exclusive to Smeal apparatus. The Sirius is currently available in Gladiator or Metro Star chassis specifications, thus being dubbed as the Spartan Gladiator Sirius or Spartan Metro Star Sirius or even Smeal Sirius. It still shares many of the same features as the Gladiator or Metro Star such as;

Custom cab lengths[]

  • ER (Two Door)
  • LTD (Long Two Door)
  • SMFD (Short Medium Four Door)
  • MFD (Medium Four Door)
  • EMFD (Extended Medium Four Door)
  • LFD (Long Four Door)
  • ELFD (Extended Long Four Door)

Raised roof options[]

  • 5"
  • 10"
  • 20"
  • 24"