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The Smeal Fire Apparatus Company is an American fire truck manufacturer located in Snyder, Nebraska.


Like many fire apparatus manufacturers, Smeal started as a local machine shop that gradually entered the fire truck business. The Smeal Implement Company was founded by Donald Smeal in Snyder in 1955. In 1963, the local fire district approached Smeal to repair the tank on one of their existing trucks. Smeal determined that the tank could not be fixed, and proposed that he build a new truck for the community. The first Smeal fire truck built carried a 250 GPM pump, 1200 gallon tank and 42-foot aerial ladder on a 1964 International Loadstar chassis. Other local fire departments ordered trucks of their own and the business expanded from there.

In the 1970s, Smeal began to design and build its own line of aerial ladders, expanding to a full range of ladders and towers ranging from 55 to 125 feet. The company supplied ladder assemblies to Pierce Manufacturing from the mid-1980s until 1993. They were also the main supplier of aerial ladders for Superior Emergency Vehicles. Aerials are an important part of the company's product line today.

In 2014, following the final closure of American LaFrance, Smeal acquired the LTI line of aerials. LTI was then renamed LTC. Smeal also acquired US Tanker Fire Apparatus Inc..

In December 2016, it was announced that Spartan Emergency Response would be purchasing Smeal for $36.3 million. Today, Spartan continues to build apparatus under the Smeal brand name.


Smeal builds a full line of commercial and custom pumpers and aerials from its 200,000 square foot plant in Snyder. Custom chassis used include Spartan, HME, Ferrara, and even American LaFrance. Trucks are delivered across the United States and Canada.

Custom Chassis[]

Smeal has its own custom chassis. These custom cabs are former cabs of Spartan, American LaFrance, and Ferrara that have been discontinued or current cabs with Smeal custom front end styling.


Smeal has a number of dealers including Safetek Group in Abbotsford, British Columbia and Mississauga, Ontario.

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