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Seagrave Fire Apparatus is a fire truck manufacturer located in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Established in 1881, it's the oldest continuous fire truck builder in the United States.


Frederic Seagrave (1849-1923) began as a builder of ladders, establishing Seagrave & Co. in Detroit in 1881. He expanded his business to include the manufacture of hand and horse-drawn hook and ladder wagons and hose carts. In 1891, he moved the company to Columbus, Ohio where it was renamed the Seagrave Company. Frederic Seagrave patented a spring-raised aerial ladder and the company began development of a motor-driven apparatus. Over the following decades, Seagrave developed and sold several models of custom chassis and apparatus, including the V-12, Model 80E and Anniversary series.

In 1963, Seagrave became a division of FWD (Front Wheel Drive Corp., founded in 1914) and production was transferred to Clintonville, Wisconsin the following year. In 2001, James Hebe, who resurrected American LaFrance purchased the assets of Seagrave. Hebe ran the company until 2006, the same year Seagrave celebrated its 125th anniversary. Today, Seagrave is owned by ELB Capital Management.

Timpco Seagrave[]

After moving to Clintonville, Seagrave subcontracted its commercial chassis apparatus production to Timmons Metal Products Company of Columbus in 1966. Timmons built commercial chassis pumpers, mini-pumpers and aerials under the Timpco Seagrave name until 1969.


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A branch plant was briefly operated in Canada when Seagrave purchased Almonte Fire Trucks in 1999. The plant in Carleton Place, Ontario mainly built commercial chassis trucks for the Canadian and US markets. Operations there ceased in 2010.


Seagrave builds a full line of pumpers and aerials in Clintonville. Major customers include FDNY and Los Angeles Fire Department.

Custom chassis currently in production[]

Discontinued custom chassis[]

  • 70th Anniversary Series (1951-1970)
  • Commander
  • Concorde
  • Patriot


  • Custom
  • Commercial
  • FASTrack Series


  • Aerialscope - 75' or 95' mid-mount platform
  • Apollo - 105' rear-mount platform
  • Force - 100' rear-mount ladder
  • HydroForce - Articulating water tower
  • Meanstick - 75' rear-mount ladder
  • Tractor-Drawn Aerial

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