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Rosenbauer Group is an Austrian fire apparatus manufacturer founded in 1866 by Johann Rosenbauer. Now based in Leonding, Austria; Rosenbauer is one of the largest and most widespread fire services companies in the world, with sales in over 100 countries. The company operates production facilities in Austria, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Rosenbauer America produces for the United States, Canada and a few countries in Central and South America. A network of dealers support operations throughout the Americas. Rosenbauer America was created in 1995 when Rosenbauer entered into an agreement with the General Safety Equipment Corporation; and operations were expanded when Central States Fire Apparatus joined the fold in 1998, with trucks coming out of the former plants being branded as Rosenbauer Central and Rosenbauer General for several years after. In 2000, Rosenbauer purchased R.K. Aerials. In 2012, Rosenbauer introduced their first fully-custom chassis for the North American market, the Commander, with the Warrior and Avenger custom chassis following in the years since. In 2021, Rosenbauer unveiled the RTX, billed as the first all-electric fire apparatus in North America. [1]


In North America, Rosenbauer has facilities in Lyons, South Dakota (its headquarters), Wyoming, Minnesota and Fremont, Nebraska; where aerials are manufactured. They are then shipped to the vehicle production centers in Lyons & Wyoming.


Custom Chassis[]

Rosenbauer's custom chassis and options


Rosenbauer builds a full spectrum of apparatus, including:

  • Pumpers, pumper-tankers, tankers on commercial and custom chassis (also their own American chassis, the Commander R-Series)
  • Wildland pumpers (Timberwolf)
  • Mini-pumpers
  • Airport rescue apparatus (Panther, Airwolf)
  • Light and heavy rescues
  • Aerial ladder trucks; brand-name products in North America include:
    • Viper quints
    • Cobra and King Cobra platforms
    • Roadrunner (aerial water towers, 51' or 68')
    • Raptor (single-axle aerial platform, 102')
    • T-Rex (articulating aerial platform, 115')
    • Tractor-Drawn Aerial (100')

Rosenbauer America also markets the Green Star line of products, designed to reduce diesel truck emissions. In addition to apparatus, the corporate parent company also provides a wide range of firefighting products, including personal protective gear, portable pumps and firefighting systems.

Stock/Demo Units[]

  • 2023 Rosenbauer Commander R5408 aerial (1500/300/100' Viper tractor-drawn) (SN#75341) (Los Angeles County Fire Department reject)
  • 2023 Rosenbauer Commander R5408 aerial (1500/300/100' Viper tractor-drawn) (SN#75342) (Los Angeles County Fire Department reject)

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