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South fire district engine 32

A 214" PUC pumper on an Enforcer chassis

The Pierce Ultimate Configuration or PUC is a custom pump and control panel configuration developed by Pierce Manufacturing. It was introduced in 2007.


Plattekill rescue 45-50

A 189" PUC pumper on an Arrow XT chassis

The PUC eliminates the traditional style pump house and moves the pump forward below the cab. It minimizes vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes space for equipment while still providing sufficient pump, foam and CAFS capabilities.

The PUC removes the necessity to build the entire body around the pump and the pumphouse, creating a shorter overall length and wheelbase. The PUC is available on pumpers, rescue pumpers, aerials, heavy rescues and tankers.

The PUC pump is available in 1,500 and 2,000 US GPM versions. It is made by W.S. Darley & Co. exclusively for Pierce.

The 1,500 GPM pump (rated for draft) weighs 30-percent less than most existing pumps on the market. The pump operator's panel is housed in the driver side front compartment, eliminating the need for firefighters to share space with all the hose lines connected to the panel. The PUC creates two distinctive operating areas, allowing the pump operator to work independently while other firefighters manage the hose and discharges. The PUC provides pump and roll as standard to allow firefighting on the move.


The PUC pump is available on the following Pierce products:

IMG 3564

A 75' PUC aerial on an Impel chassis


  • 75' Heavy-Duty Aluminum and Steel Ladders
  • 100' Heavy-Duty Aluminum and Steel Ladders
  • 100' Heavy-Duty Aluminum and Steel Platforms
  • 105' Heavy-Duty Steel Ladder
  • Ascendant 107' Heavy-Duty Ladder
  • Ascendant 107' Heavy-Duty Tiller Ladder
  • Ascendant 110' Heavy-Duty Platform
  • Sky-Boom


  • Pumper (177" or 189" body lengths)
  • Rescue Pumper (214" body length)
  • Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper


  • Non walk-in
  • Mega-PUC Non walk-in, 17' or greater rescue body


  • Pumper Tanker