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The Pierce Dash was a custom chassis built by Pierce Manufacturing.


Pierce Dash (1984-1999)[]

The first Dash was sold to Emmaus Fire Department, Pennsylvania.

Pierce Dash D-8000 (1988-1992)[]

Pierce Dash 2000 (1999-2008)[]

The Pierce Dash 2000 (or simply Pierce Dash) was a heavy duty chassis introduced in 1999 as a replacement for the original Pierce Dash. It was redesigned in 2006 and then discontinued in 2008.

Pierce Dash CF (2011-2020)[]

The Pierce Dash chassis was resurrected in 2011 as the Pierce Dash CF. It was an improved design over the previous versions. It included a larger, single-piece windshield and the engine was lowered and moved to the rear of the cab, allowing space for a third firefighter to sit in between the driver and the officer. The Dash CF was originally introduced as a PUC-only chassis but transitioned to use as a full custom chassis. The Dash CF was discontinued during the 2020 model year, with some planned units being delivered into the 2021 model year.
The first Dash CF built was for the Cedar Hill Fire Department, Texas.


  • Engine - Detroit DD13 / Cummins L9
  • Horsepower ratings - 370-525
  • Transmission - Allison Transmissions (3000 EVS / 4000 EVS / 4500 EVS)
  • Cab width - 96"
  • Cab length - 70" / 80"
  • Cab roof style - Raised (11" / split 11" for aerials)
  • Cab doors - Barrier or Full Height
  • Seating capacity - Up to 7