Firefighting Wiki

The Fire Wiki is a website for people interested in fire departments and fire apparatus. Its primary purpose is to share apparatus rosters from fire departments around the world.

Everyone deserves a respectful and welcoming experience here. Prolific contributions and technical expertise do not justify lower standards of behaviour. Technical skills and community status make no difference to the right to be respected and the obligation to respect others. Newcomers and other contributors with limited experience in our community deserve a welcoming attitude and constructive feedback.

To ensure a welcoming experience for everyone, we've created this Code of Conduct. If you violate the code, your account may be blocked.

  • Be civil. No harassment, personal attacks, threats, or name-calling directed at other people.
  • No offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory comments.
  • No vandalism or spamming.
  • No trolling (defined as performing actions for the purpose of provoking angry or negative reactions from other people).
  • Do not post images that are in violation of copyright. This is applied broadly - we're not copyright lawyers and we don't want to argue about what constitutes fair use. If it's taken from another website without permission / attribution, it's subject to removal.
  • Linking truck descriptions to photos elsewhere online is widely practiced on this wiki. However, sometimes disputes arise over which photo to link. Posed quality shots will take precedence over pictures of opportunity unless there have been major changes to the truck reflected in a newer photo. "Posed quality shots" is subjective and admin reserves the right to make this distinction. Please keep in mind that the purpose of this wiki is not to direct traffic to people's personal photo or video pages. In addition, photo links should not require an account to be viewed. This means that Facebook page settings should be set to allow viewers without an account to see the photos.

More generally:

  • Be mindful when making major changes to established practices and conventions. This Wiki admittedly could use more written standards & guidelines but they aren't in place - established practice is a vague term. However, that does not imply carte blanche to make wholesale structural changes. If you want to change several articles or practices that have been informally in place for a long time, solicit feedback and discussion through user or article talk pages.
  • People can reasonably disagree on fine points of nomenclature.
  • No edit warring, which is defined as changing pages back and forth between favoured versions. Use the talk pages to discuss in a respectful manner.
  • Real agencies only, please - nothing fictional .
  • The Fire Wiki is intended as a resource on fire departments and fire trucks. This may also include rescue squads that offer auto extrication as a primary service and other related agencies. Please do not add EMS or police agencies that are not part of fire departments - those emergency services deserve their own wikis.

Finally, remember what this site is. It's for sharing information on fire trucks, not a life or death situation.

This Code of Conduct is not intended as an exhaustive list of problem behaviours. Admin reserves the right to assess situations and take action as it deems necessary.