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The Electric Boat Fire Department is an industrial fire department serving the General Dynamics - Electric Boat main facility in Groton City, Connecticut. Electric Boat is the source of the majority of the U.S. Navy's underwater capabilities, and handles most of the building at this facility, located on the Thames River. It is less than two miles from the Submarine Base, of which the Electric Boat Fire Department often responds to on mutual aid for fires, hazmat incidents and emergency medical services. It is also across the Thames River from Fort Trumbull in New London, the former site of the Navy's Underwater Sound Lab, which closed in 1996.

Apparatus Roster[]

All pump/tank measurements are in US gallons.

Fire Station - 193 Eastern Point Road[]

D-11 - 1998 HME 1871 / Ferrara pumper (1250/1000) (Designated "HazMat Engine")
D-12 - 2012 HME 1871 / Ferrara pumper (1500/500/30F)
D-13 - 2005 Ford F-550 / FD-built de-watering and generator unit
D-26 - 2005 Ford F-550 / North American Fire Equipment walk-around hazmat support unit
D-100 - 2013 Ford F-450 / Road Rescue ambulance
D-101 - 2002 Ford E-450 / McCoy Miller ambulance

Retired Apparatus[]

Note: It is the policy of the department to scrap all retired apparatus, regardless of potential future serviceability.

1992 Ford E-350 / Excellance ambulance
1987 GMC / Middlesex pumper (1000/500)
1987 Hahn / Ranger pumper (1250/500/45B) (Retired 2012)
1977 Chevrolet Scottsdale / Pierce mini pumper (400/250)
1974 International de-watering/generator unit (Equipment transferred to current D-13 in 2005)
1965 Ward LaFrance / Hi-Ranger Snorkel platform (Acquired from Groton City Fire Department in 1987, retired 1989)
1960 Maxim pumper (750/500)
1959 Seagrave pumper (750/500)
1955 Seagrave pumper
1946 Federal pumper

Station Map[]

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