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Area Served[]

The Chinandega Volunteer Fire Corps provides fire rescue service to the town of Chinandega, Nicarauga.

Department Profile[]

Volunteers stand 24 hour shifts at the fire station. There is little to no government support.


The corps was founded in 1954.

Apparatus Roster[]

All pump/tank measurements are in US gallons.

Fire Station[]

1993 Duplex D9400 / Anderson pumper (1500/1000/25F) (SN#92139JFMP93002565) (Donated by Whitehorse Fire Department)
1988 Ford CF / Hub pumper (1000/950) (Donated by Faro Fire Department)
1984 International CargoStar / King pumper (750/950) (SN#840024) (Donated by Chesley and Area Fire Department)
1976 Hendrickson 1871C / Superior pumper (1500/600) (SN#SE 100) (Ex-Prince Rupert Fire Rescue) (Donated by Firefighters Without Borders)
1975 American LaFrance Pioneer pumper (Ex-Carcross Fire Department) (Donated by Firefighters Without Borders)

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Cuerpo de bomberos de-Chinandega Facebook Page

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